Terms and Conditions of Membership in The Art Flow Lounge


In these Membership Terms:

  • “Member”: individual who has been accepted as a member of the The Art Flow Lounge and has started submitting monthly or yearly payments.
  • “Stephanie Wray”: the owner of the membership site and the individual with the right to seek legal action if a member breaches any of the Terms and Conditions.
  • “Us”: Stephanie Wray and the other individuals working for her inside The Art Flow Lounge.

Membership Obligations

  1. When you apply to join The Art Flow Lounge and are accepted, your payment will go through as soon as you submit it.
  2. If you decide to cancel your membership, all you have to do is log into your account and follow the instructions. When you do cancel, your access to the members area will be revoked immediately. You can cancel anytime, though please note there is a mandatory six month minimum commitment when you sign up as a paying member.
  3. No refunds can be given on membership fees that have already been paid – whether they have been paid monthly or yearly, under any circumstances.

Rules of Conduct

  1. THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images, videos, and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The Art Flow Lounge is not therapy, nor a replacement for therapy. If you have a medical emergency please call 911.

  2. Members shall at all times act with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest and avoid any actions or situations that are inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions written on this page.
  3. Members shall at all times be mindful of their attitude and behavior towards other members. Discrimination, insults and violent behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the membership.

Rules of Use and Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Our Membership Area consists of a variety of videos, images, and written content. By entering the area through your paid membership, you agree that all the content inside is solely meant for your personal use and you do not have any rights to download it, share it, transfer it or reproduce it unless you have Stephanie Wray’s written consent. This includes all content from the Facebook group (The Art Flow Lounge) and the membership site (artflowlounge.com). In addition, you agree that none of the content, be it recorded, written, or live constitutes therapy of any kind.. 
  2. We do not accept content that is likely to offend our members and, therefore, we reserve our right to remove it.
  3. You are responsible for each and every access or use of the membership site that occurs in conjunction with use of your username and password.
  4. Use of your username and password is conclusive evidence that you have accessed the Membership area of the sites.
  5. You must keep your username and password confidential.
  6. You must not allow any third party to access the site using your username and password and take advantage of the site on your behalf by viewing any of the content.

Application process

  1. Acceptance as a member of The Art Flow Lounge is at the sole discretion of Stephanie Wray and/or any person she assigns as responsible.
  2. When accepted, your access to the membership site will be granted instantaneously and you will be able to begin your onboarding tour.

Membership Privileges

  1. As a member of The Art Flow Lounge, you will be granted access to all membership areas of the membership site and to The Art Flow Lounge Facebook group..
  2. In addition, you will be invited as part of the membership group to one monthly zoom call with Stephanie Wray and one monthly zoom call with a special guest.
  3. Stephanie Wray will be participating in the Facebook group at her convenience. 
  4. Membership does not include direct access to Stephanie Wray through direct messaging, phone calls, emails or other forms of communication.


  1. Payments can be made as offered in the application and will continue to occur on a monthly basis unless you choose to submit a payment for the full year.
  2. Should there be an issue with your payments and you are unable to make them, we reserve the right to suspend your access to all of the membership resources until you have submitted all outstanding fees. The membership fees will be cleared in a timeframe agreed upon by you and Stephanie Wray, until you cover all the necessary payments. After this is done, it will be agreed by the same parties whether you can keep your membership or not. Interest may occur for late payments.
  3. Your membership fee will remain the same throughout your membership unless you decide to upgrade or downgrade it to another membership plan. We do not reserve the right to change it without your written permission.


  1. If a member is found to be negligible of any of the terms and conditions and membership rules, he/she agrees to keep us indemnified of all losses, expenses, damages and costs incurred by us in respect of any misleading statements, and/or acts, and/or omissions that may be carried by him/her against us.
  2. If a member does not get the desired results as part of the membership, he/she agrees to not pursue any legal action against Stephanie Wray or any other member of the membership community.


  1. All members agree to keep any and all Confidential information obtained about any of the other members or Stephanie Wray confidential. “Confidential information” relates to any information concerning the business, finances, or affairs of the other members which is not in the public domain. This clause shall survive termination of the Contract.


  1. Any party that has a signed or confirmed agreement will be eligible to be reliant on these terms.
  2. An agreement is confirmed by finalizing the application process and submitting payment, as the agreement can be viewed from the application.
  3. The Terms and Conditions of this website shall constitute the entire agreement between you, Stephanie Wray and Stephanie Wray Arts and shall supersede all prior engagements, written or oral, relating to the subject matter.
  4. Should any of these terms come into dispute, they shall be interpreted under context of English Law.
  5. We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions. By using our website and membership area, you are automatically bound by these terms and the onus is on you to keep yourself informed of any changes that we carry out, without further notice to you.

In the case of a dispute, you need to submit a complaint in writing to stephanie@stephaniewrayarts.com