Find Your Authentic Voice: A 5-Day Journey of Creative Expression

Do you feel like your creativity and passions have been stifled? Have societal expectations and busyness caused you to lose touch with your authentic self? This 5-day journey is for you!

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Are you ready to...

  • Break free from expectations and judgments and express yourself fully?
  • Unlock your inner artist, even if you don’t consider yourself “creative”?
  • Make time for imagination, playfulness, and childlike curiosity?
  • Explore forms of self-expression you’ve always wanted to try?
  • Release what wants to flow through art, writing, dance, music, and more?

It's time to stop putting yourself last and start prioritizing your passions.

Meet your host, Stephanie Wray, LMHC, LPC, ATR-BC, EXAT, RYT500

Stephanie Wray is an award-winning Board-Certified Art Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, Expressive Arts Therapist, Yoga Teacher and educator-teaching at elementary, intermediate and university levels.She is an international speaker and published author. Stephanie has worked as an artist and as an expressive arts facilitator for 28 years for her own health and healing and has spent thousands of hours both one on one and in communities to facilitate implementing the arts as part of their healing, in response to trauma and for better health. Stephanie is recognized a leader in her field through her work with a non-profit Stars of HOPE where she was the program manager and the first art therapist leading therapeutic art responses to 49 human and natural caused disasters.

It’s totally possible to...

  • Connect with your soul through creativity you’ve never tapped into before
  • Find community and sisterhood to foster your budding talents
  • Use your gifts to make an impact and shake up your world

Join us for 5 days of creative exploration and community to unlock your inner artist. Through different forms of expression like art, writing, music, movement, and more, you'll connect with your authentic voice.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Trying new creative activities you’ve never explored before in a safe, judgment-free environment
  • Validating your innate creativity – the world needs what you have to share!
  • Tapping into your “childlike wonder” and giving yourself permission to play
  • Putting yourself and your passions first for a change
  • Listening to your soul’s whispers and exploring what wants to be expressed
  • Fostering community with other women to build your creative muscle
  • Finding support and inspiration from others walking the same path
  • Making self-care and creative time a priority amidst busyness
  • Going on an “expressive hunt” to explore different artistic outlets
  • Creating more than consuming for a change
  • Letting your authentic self and talents ripple out into the world

Your unique voice and creative expression have power. What wants to be unlocked? Join us for 5 days of self-discovery and sisterhood. Let’s express, create, play, and find balance. Let’s reconnect with our souls and shake up our worlds.

We know it can feel scary or vulnerable to put yourself out there creatively. Here are some common concerns and how this experience can help:

“I’m not artistic or creative.”

 Creativity lives in all of us, even if it’s been buried for a long time. This is a judgment-free zone to play, experiment, and tap into your inner artist.

“I’m not flexible”

Yoga is about a lot more than being flexible or getting into complicated poses. It’s about showing up, taking some breaths, and focusing your mind on you. Join us to have some guidance for every step of the path.

“I wouldn’t know where to start.” 

That’s what this journey is for! We’ll provide all the guidance, prompts, and inspiration you need. Come with an open mind and heart.

“I’m too old.” 

It’s never too late to tap into your creativity. Age and life experience only add more layers to your self-expression.

“I’m scared of being vulnerable.” 

We totally understand. This community will be a safe, welcoming space for you to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

“I’m not good enough.” 

Creativity isn’t about being “good” at something. It’s about the process of self-discovery and expressing your unique gifts, whatever form they take.

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