Discovery- Find Your Flow: A 5-Day Journey of Creative Expression

Are You an Empathic Woman Feeling Overwhelmed by Life’s Demands?

Are you an Empty Nester Struggling to Find Yourself Again?

Feeling overwhelmed by Caregiving and Responsibilities? 

Rediscover your passion and reconnect with your authentic self in a community that understands the healing power of process art.

Join us for the 5-Day Journey of Creative Expression starting on July 15, 2024!

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Are you ready to embrace a journey of self-expression and healing?
Discover how creativity can enhance your mental health:

  • Break Free from Expectations: Challenge societal judgments and self-imposed limits. Express yourself in a supportive environment where emotional honesty fosters healing and growth. Learn tools to manage stress and anxiety by channeling your emotions into creative outputs.
  • Unlock Your Inner Artist for Emotional Exploration: Tap into your creative side as a means of exploring and understanding your emotions. Even if you’ve never seen yourself as ‘creative,’ our activities are designed to help you access and articulate feelings that can be healing and transformative.
  • Embrace Playfulness and Curiosity: Reconnect with the simple joys of play and curiosity. Engaging in play has been shown to reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, and increase emotional well-being. Let yourself explore different artistic mediums in a judgment-free zone that nurtures your mental health.
  • Explore Diverse Forms of Self-Expression: Delve into various forms of artistic expression—dance, painting, writing, and music. Each form offers unique ways to explore and release emotions, providing therapeutic benefits by helping you process different aspects of your life and experiences.
  • Release and Let Go Through Art: Use creativity as a cathartic release for what’s inside you. Artistic activities are not just an outlet for expression but also a powerful method for emotional release and healing. This process helps decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, and increase feelings of peace and contentment.

It’s time to prioritize your mental well-being and embrace your passions. Join us for this empowering journey to heal, express, and discover yourself through the transformative power of creativity.

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Meet your host, Stephanie Wray, LMHC, LPC, ATR-BC, EXAT, RYT500

Stephanie Wray is an award-winning Board-Certified Art Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, Expressive Arts Therapist, Yoga Teacher and educator-teaching at elementary, intermediate and university levels.She is an international speaker and published author. Stephanie has worked as an artist and as an expressive arts facilitator for 28 years for her own health and healing and has spent thousands of hours both one on one and in communities to facilitate implementing the arts as part of their healing, in response to trauma and for better health. Stephanie is recognized a leader in her field through her work with a non-profit Stars of HOPE where she was the program manager and the first art therapist leading therapeutic art responses to 49 human and natural caused disasters.

It’s totally possible to...

  • Connect with your soul through creativity you’ve never tapped into before
  • Find community to foster your budding curiosity
  • Use your gifts to make an impact and shake up your world

Join us for 5 days of creative exploration and community to unlock your inner artist. Through different forms of expression like art, writing, music, movement, and more, you'll connect with your authentic voice.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Trying new creative activities you’ve never explored before in a safe, judgment-free environment
  • Validating your innate creativity – the world needs what you have to share!
  • Tapping into your “childlike wonder” and giving yourself permission to play
  • Putting yourself and your passions first for a change
  • Listening to your soul’s whispers and exploring what wants to be expressed
  • Fostering community with other women to build your creative muscle
  • Finding support and inspiration from others walking the same path
  • Making self-care and creative time a priority amidst busyness
  • Going on an “expressive hunt” to explore different artistic outlets
  • Creating more than consuming for a change
  • Letting your authentic self and talents ripple out into the world

Your unique voice and creative expression have power. What wants to be unlocked? Join us for 5 days of self-discovery and community. Let’s express, create, play, and find balance. Let’s reconnect with our souls and shake up our worlds.

We know it can feel scary or vulnerable to put yourself out there creatively. Here are some common concerns and how this experience can help:

  • “I’m not artistic or creative.” “Many of us are taught to suppress our creativity, which can lead to stress and a sense of disconnection. Rediscovering your creative abilities in our supportive community not only ignites your imagination but also promotes mental wellness by providing a joyful escape from everyday pressures.”

  • “I’m too busy with work and family.” “Constant busyness can lead to burnout and emotional fatigue. Participating in our program offers a vital break that allows you to recharge. Engaging in creative activities, even briefly, has been proven to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall mental health.”

  • “I feel guilty taking time for myself.” “Self-care is essential for maintaining mental health, yet many women feel unwarranted guilt for prioritizing it. Our experience provides a guilt-free space for you to focus on self-expression and personal growth, which are critical for emotional resilience and happiness.”

  • “I’m worried I won’t fit in.” “Feeling isolated can exacerbate stress and affect mental health. Joining our community connects you with like-minded women who are also seeking balance and expression. This sense of belonging can significantly boost your mental health and provide emotional support.”

  • “I’m concerned about being judged.” “Fear of judgment can be paralyzing and deter us from new experiences that could enhance our well-being. Our event is designed as a safe, non-judgmental environment where all creative expressions are celebrated, helping to build confidence and reduce social anxiety.”

  • “Will this really help me?” “Engaging in creative practices is not just fulfilling; it’s therapeutic. Studies show that creative expression can decrease stress, manage symptoms of depression, and improve emotional regulation. By integrating creativity into your routine, you’re investing in your mental health and cultivating a more balanced life.

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Embark on a Creative and Therapeutic Journey: What You’ll Experience

How’s this going to work? Here’s what you can expect during the Discovery: Find Your Flow Art Experience:

You will be invited to join a private pop-up Facebook group before the event starts on Monday, July 15th. This is where you can watch each day’s activity, we will be having our live at the end of each day, and you can post your art and “aha!” moments with our supportive community.

Every morning of the Experience, starting on Monday, July 15th, you are going to access the video of the day inside the Facebook group.

You’re also invited to join Stephanie daily each afternoon of the challenge as she goes LIVE inside the Facebook group to talk about that day’s activity, share insights you had, ask Stephanie questions that might have come up, and have a safe place to be seen and heard. (Times TBA)

Day 1: Consciousness

Begin your journey by diving into your mental landscape with activities designed to clear mental clutter and improve clarity, setting a solid foundation for the days to follow.

Day 2: Body

Build on your newfound mental clarity with a focus on the physical. Today involves body mapping and gentle movement exercises that not only help release physical tension but also enhance the connection between mind and body, promoting relaxation and well-being vital for comprehensive mental health.

Day 3: Play

With a clearer mind and a relaxed body, now it’s time to reconnect with your inner child through playful activities. Rediscover the joy of play which can dramatically reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve your emotional well-being, allowing you to express yourself freely and joyfully.

Day 4: Abundance

Today, focus on visualizing and creating representations of abundance in your life. Engaging in these creative exercises helps build resilience, fosters an optimistic outlook, and can be transformative in managing daily stress and boosting overall mental health.

Day 5: Integration

Combine all that you’ve learned and experienced throughout the week into creating a personal masterpiece. This final day is about synthesizing your mental, physical, and playful explorations into a tangible form that represents your growth, resilience, and commitment to ongoing mental health through creativity.


Freedom through Expressive Arts Cap off your transformative journey with an exclusive live session guided by Stephanie. Delve deeper into your creative potential in this intimate group setting, enhancing your overall wellness and reinforcing your connection to the expressive arts.

Ready to transform your mental and emotional health through creativity

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