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You will be the visionaries and groundbreakers in walking this journey with me in creating the safest, most fun, relaxing community in all everness.

I will ask for feedback to see what is enhancing your life, what you would like more of and that you interact to your level of comfort in building relationships and community.

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invited and encouraged to Develop a deeper connection with yourself

join the community where you can relax, rejuvenate

connect with others in the exploration

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What is included inside the art flow lounge?

Visual Arts




What People Are Saying About Working With Me!

The special investment is

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Why Work With me?

My passion and lifestyle for the past 25 years has involved the arts in my own life and in assisting others in using the arts for calming, rejuvenating and expressing themselves.

Some of the things I have accomplished that I am proud of and that have formed my expertise are:

 Bachelor’s in Visual Arts

 Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling

 Board-Certified Art Therapist

 Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Art Therapy Supervision Provider

 200-hour Yoga Teacher

 Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapist

 Certified Teacher K-12 Art and Special Education

Former Adjunct Professor in Art Therapy and Arts in Health at the University of Tampa.

Awards for my Work for Outstanding Service and Leaderships – Twice

Presented Internationally on my Work at Conferences

Published Author

If you want to be supported by a professional but more importantly a fun human who has been making and selling art, using art as a personal practice, co-facilitated retreats, worked over 3500 hours of direct contact client hours in the past 3-4 years and who truly believes and has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of the expressive arts on mental, physical and emotional health, this is the place for you!

The art flow lounge is a place to learn, grow and experience in a fun way how to implement the arts for enjoyment, wellbeing and health.  This is my way of bringing to you all the things that I have learned and that I use in my daily life to strengthen my relationship with myself which in turn strengthens my relationship with others.

What can you expect?

You can expect many choices and styles of learning in relation to the topics covered under Expressive Arts!

The possibilities are endless and more will be added to the library as time goes on.

Many of these videos will give you a 10-20 minutes experience to allow you to easily complete the task and have a win – who doesn’t want that? 

Example Topics:

This is just the sprinkle on the cupcakes friends……..

Having found art after a fire, where I lost everything I owned, it literally saved me. Process art was a way of finding myself again and grieving the losses. It started my healing process, and I began therapy. I have sought therapy at different times in my life but what I have found is that using the expressive arts in my daily life is the one most important aspect of connecting to myself, regulating my nervous system and having fun!! 

Once Roxie (my now 11 year-old daughter) came into my life, I was able to share these things with her. We have a deep connection because of this, we can express ourselves through line, color and movement; we can co-regulate together while creating memories and assisting her in having a strong sense of self and tools to help her throughout her life.  This can be true of the relationship with yourself and others.

Are You Ready To Become A Member?

Know that I am here to guide you. This can be new to some and that is a good thing. Also great for practicing artists, therapists, teachers, nurses – you will learn things you can share with your clients, students and family.

With my lengthy experience and training I can facilitate all of this in easy one-inch-square bites. This does not need to take hours of your day for you to see the benefits.

Just 10–15-minute segments can assist in better health – mentally, physically and emotionally.

You Are Invited to Join as A Member

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Remember as a member you will be part of the creation and molding of this community. It is your community and for the cost of a fancy pizza you have access to all the material with more coming every month, in addition to a live class once a month, guest presenters, and a full library of art, yoga, writing and meditation.

Most importantly it will be fun, not just another thing you have to do. Come play with me!

What is coming?

Don’t Forget-we will meet monthly on a live call to learn and express together in Zoom. (no pressure to be on camera)

We wil have a monthly guest expert live on Zoom.

In addition you will have access to:

Membership Area

Guest Speakers

Resource Library

Private Facebook Group-The Art Flow Lounge 

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