The Art flow Lounge

The Artflow Lounge Community- the only community you need to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Do you ever feel like you're not living as your most creative, confident self?
Are old stories, fears, or blocks getting in the way of your self-expression?

The Art Flow Lounge provides a nurturing space to engage in creative self-care. 

Through judgment-free creation and connection, we help you:

  • Start committing to yourself and prioritizing self-care
  • Step into your unique confidence, creativity, and authentic self
  • Break free of procrastination, doubt, and things holding you back
  • Safely process emotions and make meaning through art
  • Enjoy community support and inspiration

Make creativity a regular ritual. Have something empowering to look forward to. Find the bravery and freedom to shape your life as a work of art.

Join the Art Flow Lounge today to create your own sanctuary of self-care through creative expression.

A basic form of storytelling, an outlet for your Emotions.

All are welcome.

The Art flow Lounge is here to help!

You are invited to:


Lose The Overwhelm

Get Excited For Your Day

Come Home To Yourself

Improve Health

Reconnect to Friends & Family

Personal Growth

Time For Yourself

Release Built Up Stories

Soothe The Nervous System

Find Like Minded Community

Explore visual art, meditation, yoga, journaling and music as a way of expression

What makes the art flow lounge unique?

No Experience Necessary

If you can make a mark on paper, breathe in and out, listen, sit to a guided meditation, and write a few sentences you can do these practices.

Get creating FAST!

Videos don't drag on forever- Quick 10-15 Minute videos so you can get creating!

Multiple Modalities of Expressive Arts

Get in touch with your creativity (and inner child!) as we explore not one, or two, but at least FOUR expressive art forms!

Create a safe space for YOURSELF

As you get more comfortable with creating, you build creative confidence and self-trust.

Relieve Stress

Release stress through judgment-free art rituals in our lounge's nurturing creative space.

Process Emotions

Safely explore feelings and process emotions through the arts within our supportive community.

When you join the Art Flow Lounge you will get access to weekly calls, as well as continued support in the art flow lounge community, inluding:

and more!
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About Stephanie

I am so glad you are here! 

 My name is Stephanie Wray and I am an artist of 29 years, a Board Certified Art Therapist, Trauma informed Expressive Arts Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a 500 hour yoga teacher. 


I have taken all of my years of experience using the arts for my own healing and health along with my clinical experience and created a place for professional women and gender diverse individuals to explore visual art, yoga, writing and meditation in an online community setting. 

See you inside the Art Flow Lounge!

How can I be part of the Art Flow Lounge?

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Monthly Payments: Only $34 per month

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WEEKLY LIVE 30-60 Minute Art Flow Lounge Sessions

*PLUS* ONE monthly LIVE 90-minute workshops where Stephanie or a Guest will lead you step-by-step through projects and activities. 

50% Off the regular price of the Art Flow Lounge Art Kit

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