The Art flow Lounge

The Artflow Lounge Community- the only community you need to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

have you been feeling...

Stressed out?

Overwhelmed With Life?

Like Every day Is Groundhog Day?

Like You’re Missing A Connection with Yourself?

The Onset Of Health Issues?

Disconnected From Family & Friends?

Like You Want to pursue self-growth?

Like you do not have time for yourself?

Compassion Fatigue?

Vicarious Trauma?

Like your cup is always empty?


You are not alone!

The Art flow Lounge is here to help!

You are invited to:


Lose The Overwhelm

Get Excited For Your Day

Come Home To Yourself

Improve Health

Reconnect to Friends & Family

Personal Growth

Time For Yourself

Release Built Up Stories

Soothe The Nervous System

Find Like Minded Community

Explore visual art, meditation, yoga, journaling and music as a way of expression

What makes the art flow lounge unique?

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About Stephanie

I am so glad you are here! 

 My name is Stephanie Wray and I am an artist of 29 years, a Board Certified Art Therapist, Trauma informed Expressive Arts Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a 500 hour yoga teacher. 


I have taken all of my years of experience using the arts for my own healing and health along with my clinical experience and created a place for professional women and gender diverse individuals to explore visual art, yoga, writing and meditation in an online community setting. 

See you inside the Art Flow Lounge!

How can I be part of the Art Flow Lounge?

If you would like to join The Art Flow Lounge, just fill out the application and you will be notified within 24-48 hours.

Yearly $432

Get 12 months of access to the Art Flow Lounge with only one payment.

6-month $216

Get 6 months of access to the Art Flow Lounge with only one payment.

Monthly $36

Month-to-month access of the Art Flow Lounge. 6-month minimum.

Trauma Sensitivity for Yoga Teachers

This approximately 16-hour course consists of 8.5 hours of video training, a 47-page workbook and 10 worksheets, 1 to accompany each video. 

The course focus is trauma sensitivity for yoga teachers in order to be prepared for an understanding of trauma in both yourself and your students and how to set yourself up for success in this area as a yoga teacher. 

This is the introduction to understanding the basics of trauma and can prepare you for the more intensive 40-hour trauma informed yoga certification.

Corporate Wellness Expressive Arts Experiential

Creating a sense of community in the workplace is among the most important things a company can do to promote wellness. 

Studies show that workplace happiness is increased if (insert proof). Stephanie offers 1.5 wellness experiences that focus on mindfulness-reduces stress, mark making (reduces cortisol), creating community (connecting through common mission) and a sense of fun (releases endorphins)

Stephanie has facilitated corporate wellness events for companies virtually for audiences from 1000 to 15 and gotten the most amazing feedback.


Corporate Wellness Client testimonial

Previous Corporate Wellness Clients

National Public Radio

American Art Therapy Association National Conference

Start of HOPE, USA




AEM Corporation

Pinpoint Talent

If you would like to book Stephanie for a Corporate Community Expressive Arts Experiential fill out the form below and she will be in touch

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